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Saturday, 30 April 2016

7 ways your wardrobe can further your wellbeing

Have a wardrobe you love that loves you back!

I recently did a wardrobe audit with a client and was reminded how much more our wardrobes hold besides our physical clothes.

Our wardrobes sometimes hold our memories. They can hold our confidences. They can be an expression of our emotions. And in the back of them, we can try and bury the odd secret!

A not so healthy wardrobe is one that isn't helping us, such as those filled with clothes that no longer fit and keep us thinking about when they did, rather than encouraging us to dress who we are now.

A healthy wardrobe however is one that makes us smile when we open it. One that can make us feel good, not just hold the things that make us look good.

Confession: This is not my wardrobe! (Image from

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your wardrobe furthers your wellbeing:

1. Find in it the colour/s that boost your mood - what colours do you have in your wardrobe? Work out what your regular happy's are, if you regularly wear your pink scarf, cardigan, skirt etc think about what that's telling you. If there's a colour that you love but don't own, find your perfect shade and shop for it!
2. Clear it out - apparently de-cluttering is de-stressing, for example get rid of what doesn't fit (or put it elsewhere).
3. Pass on old stuff - there's nothing more feel good than helping others
4. Rediscover something fabulous that still fits - and wear it, you'll feel fabulous
5. That t-shirt you own that doesn't fit anymore that you just can't part with... Frame it: If you love it, why not hang it on a wall!
6. What's your happy memory outfit - wedding dress, graduation outfit stuck in the back of the wardrobe when it could be closer? Trigger the memory... if you smiled just thinking about it so imagine how you'll feel touching, smelling and dancing around in it!
7. Use your wardrobe as an opportunity to involve a friend - make it fun, get a group together and catch up. You may even be able to swap shop... Just stay away from the red wine!

The point is that you should only keep in your wardrobe, those things that make you feel great about yourself and improve your wellbeing.

And of course if you'd love a professional opinion, I'd gladly help.

Take care 'til next time,
Denise x

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  • Thursday, 31 March 2016

    Springtime means pastels.

    And how to wear them, if you want to...

    Its traditional that retailers go from deep, strong, bold colours in the winter to pastels (pale pink, baby blue, peach and mint for example) in the Spring, and this year Pantone have doubled the ante by making rose quartz and serenity their star colours for their colours of the year.

    For some of us that's going to be quite a challenge, either because it's" not me" (too 'girly' and romantic) or because pale is unflattering on us.

    If it's the former, my big tip is obvious and simple: Just don't wear it... There's nothing wrong with not being 'in fashion' with everything - you can be on trend in other ways. But more importantly, it rocks to just be authentic and do your own thang!

    If though, like me, you don't mind a pastel but they're not top-to-toe flattering, there are things you can do. Namely these 6 things...
    • Wear pastels on your bottom half with something deeper on top (we should wear our best colours nearest to our face)
    • Go for pastel accessories with something deeper
    • Paint your nails pale
    • Go for softer make up - my favourite soft is nude as opposed to my wintery plum shades
    • Find your best pastel: there's at least one for most colour types* eg peach for a warm undertone and lilac for a cool undertone
    • Say "sod it" and occasionally go all out because you want to (you rebel you!)

    However, if you're fair and love pastels, go for it - they look great on you. Whatever your choice - pastels or not... Enjoy the season!

    Happy Spring.

    *To find out your best pale shades (and all the others) and how to wear them, why not treat yourself to a colour or image consultation?!

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  • Sunday, 31 January 2016

    A great start to the year

    Damson Belle in January

    Given I don't push the new year, new you agenda, I'm pleased that I've still been engaged in a few exciting activities this month.

    I've presented on the impact of our image during a corporate wellbeing week, taken a lady special occasion shopping and worked with a bride and her bridesmaid.

    What's been great has been the variety of what I've done and also who it's involved: both men and women, a teen and the more mature, the self-assured to the less confident. The results have included someone doing a wardrobe review, someone breaking a black eyeliner habit, some new outfits and several compliments.

    The feedback in each case has been positive and affirming that what I do makes a positive difference. And that's why I do it. It's great to see people reflect, challenge themselves, grow in confidence, try something a bit different and ultimately feel good/better about themselves.

    Over the coming few blogs, I'll share a little more about these experiences or my recommendations in theses areas.

    I hope you've had a good January too.

    Here's to a fabulous Febraury,

    Wednesday, 13 January 2016

    David Bowie - a Star Man.

    The original recreator.

    I often refer to authenticity in my work as an image consultant, and as such I encourage my clients to consider the impact of making sweeping image changes without careful consideration.

    However with the unexpected passing of legendary David Bowie this week, I am also reminded that for some people change is their authenticity.

    David Bowie was a style chameleon. He changed his sound, his name and his style on a number of occasions. And each time, he somehow remained himself.

    Many pop stars do it - Madonna, Prince/Squiggle, Paul Weller, Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim are examples.

    But before them all, in my lifetime, there was David Jones/Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie.

    He was an original. An originator. An inspiration...Every. Time.

    An despite the sweeping style changes, he always came across authentically and with real charm. 

    What was your favourite Bowie image or re-invention?
    I loved his 70's style - the creativity, the make-up, the bright bold colours be it a sharp suit or a clingy jumpsuit. And what a dapper gentleman he became in later years too.

    What an icon, what a loss.

    Goodnight Ziggy. RIP.

    Thursday, 31 December 2015

    Goodbye Ms December - A special year...

    ...Goodbye Calendar Girls, Happy New Year

    For the last 12 months I've been a bone fide calendar girl, but come midnight I'll be a has been!

    My colleagues and I have graced the walls of many homes bringing our brightness, body confidence messages and a monthly reminder to check ya tits! In doing so we raised over £12k for charity* - not bad, considering it all started as a flippant Facebook comment.

    On a personal level, it was an incredible experience... so much so that rather that losing something because I'm no longer a calendar girl, I've gained lots - a sense of achievement, a fresh perspective on the power of image consulting, more, and most importantly fabulous new friends.

    Thank you to everyone who supported us - from sponsoring printing, reading and sharing my #30daysofbodypraise blogs, and putting us on your walls.

    The calendar may be gone but we'll always be calendar girls and why we did it is still an issue, so I ask that you continue to support Breast Cancer Now* and follow us on Twitter at @_BodyConfidence.

    Wishing you all a fabulous 2016.
    Denise x

    Sunday, 29 November 2015

    Social media - The tool that's helping me step up my style

    Developing my image via Insta!

    It's been a while since my last blog - I've been busy at work of late and away a bit, but I have to confess I've also been a little distracted by a new social media platform in the last month.

    I recently joined Instagram (, and it's been a surprise to me that rather than paying attention to the fashion, I've been focussing on make-up and manicures.

    I suspect that because I'm comfortable with my style, I've been drawn to what I can develop to boost my image overall. So inspired have I been that my recent image purchases haven't been clothes, shoes or handbags as usual, but a full set of make-up brushes (...not that I know how to use them all!)

    It's not that I've been unable to do makeup or manicures (, it's just that I'm not trained in all things image (not to mention that some things are harder to apply some things to yourself!)

    Social media, along with the internet and blogs, is great for helping you step up your style game - Pinterest and Instagram are especially good as they are so visual. What platforms, if any do you use, and...

    If your image needs a refresh, what would you have to focus on?

    Whether clothes, make-up, accessories or beauty, social media can provide some great ideas and inspire your style development, but remember as this Judy Garland quote suggests don't be a copy. Style is about authenticity...

    Image result for who said Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

    Good luck developing your original!
    Denise x

    Wednesday, 21 October 2015

    My top 10 tips on loving your clothes purchase(s) at home

    How to buy clothes you'll still love when you look at them in your mirror at home.

    Last week I did a corporate style event in LK Bennett's Covent Garden store, and found myself dispensing advice to lots of lovely ladies with one common theme - how they got from loving something on the mannequin to actually wearing it once they'd left the shop with it.

    I heard then, and hear often, from women (and men) who have numerous unworn items in their wardrobe(s). If that's you, I dare you to calculate that cost! And then, read on for my top tips on avoiding adding more regrets to it.

    My ten top tips (in no particular order!)

    Try things on and do the 360!
    1. Don't go shopping blindly
    ...know what you already own that will work with what you're about to buy - from accessories to underwear. 

    2. Put on the right footwear to try stuff on with
    ...Why? Because, for example, heel height will change the length something appears and it will alter your posture affecting the overall impact. Trying to tip toe to the right height rarely works as we concentrate on not toppling over!

    3. Be conscious of the impact of store lighting on the colour of your chosen item
    ...Try and get near natural light if possible or imagine yourself under dinner lighting. Don't be shy about leaving the changing room! Walking about will also help you know if something feels comfortable as well as if it looks right.

    4. Know your shopping horror history
    ...If all your previous shopping horrors have been when you've shopped alone: go shopping with a trusted (honest yet diplomatic!) friend or better still a stylist especially if your purchase is expensive and/important. If all your mistakes have been after a few lunchtime drinks with Belle from the office - don't do that again!

    “If all your mistakes have been after a few lunchtime drinks with Belle from the office - don't do that again!

    5. Step away from the mirror and do the 360
    ...It may look great on, face on and close up but does it look the same at a distance and from a different perspective?

    6. Play with it!
    ...For example, as a petite I know that I might have to have something altered so I'll try and create that scenario in-store. If you think something needs adjusting ask the store if they can tape the change (eg hem, sleeve length) for you. Changing something can alter the overall look. LK Bennett, for example, will do alterations.

    7. If you can, get someone to take a photo of you in the outfit
    ...Again, it's about seeing things from a different perspective.
    Important: This is not an opportunity to criticise yourself but to critique an outfit.

    8. Go knowing you
    ...Get to know your best colours, understand your body shape and think about your style personality - you may love the idea of something more than you'll love it on you

    9. Have a place/event in mind that you know you'll wear the item or outfit to.
    ...We've all brought something fab and had it languish in our wardrobe for an age before having a suitable place to wear it to. That's ok with a classic piece but not a high fashion piece which may not be in fashion next year!

    I know it sounds obvious, but...
    10 ...actually Try stuff on! I've worked with people who hate shopping so they rush in and buy something, those who buy because they like the look of something in an ad' or on the hanger and others who don't like the hassle of changing rooms.

    As with all my 'advice', the final thing is... If you really (really) love it and feel wow in it, forget all of the above and go for it!

    What are your top tips?

    Happy shopping!
    Denise x

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